Certified Public Accountants and Advisors
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At WatsonRice, we believe that audits should result in more than the required reports on the financial statements and the reports set forth by regulatory bodies. Audits should result in observations, recommendations, and the transfer of information that will either improve the operations of our clients, or better position them for future events.

When performing our audits, we abide by the professional standards and ethical rules governing our profession. In addition, we are guided by our core values of transparency, honesty, ethics, creativity, reliability and excellence. WatsonRice's approach to auditing is a risk-based approach which requires us to tailor our audit tests to address key business and financial reporting risks of our clients. Our approach is neither overly rigid, and thus inflexible to the needs of a particular engagement, nor too loosely organized, and therefore, lacking the direction and discipline required for efficiency.

As a member firm of RSM US Alliance, we have access to the training, resources, experience, and professional knowledge base of the fifth largest accounting firm in the United States while still allowing us to provide the level of service and attention that only a locally owned, independent accounting firm can offer.